The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle
The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle
The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle
The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle
The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle

The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle

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The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle is the ultimate option for all your moonshine distilling requirements! Everything you need to get started is included with this kit, allowing you to craft top-notch, homemade moonshine.


Your Shinin' Bundle Includes: 


  • The Magnum All-in-One Still Kit
  • Activated Carbon for Moonshine
  • Copper Mesh
  • How to Make Moonshine E-book


The Magnum All-in-One Moonshine Still 

The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle comes with a high-grade stainless steel still that stands the test of time. Its impeccable construction blocks out any impurities, creating an absolutely clean moonshine that'll be sure to please. Experience top-notch quality and craftsmanship with this remarkable bundle!

Featuring an integrated pressure relief valve, an optional pressure gauge, and a thermometer, the Magnum All in One Moonshine Still Kit has all the safety features you need for a safe and efficient distillation process. Get the ultimate stilling experience today!

The Magnum All-in-One Moonshine Still Kit stands head-and-shoulders above the rest with its efficiency! You'll be amazed at how much moonshine you can get with minimal effort - this kit's design maximizes yield and minimizes waste for a streamlined distillation process.

Customers adore the Magnum All in One Moonshine Still Kit for its effortless operation and dependable results.


It's a favorite among newbies and pros alike thanks to its well-made components, safety protocols, and streamlined design.


Invest in The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle to experience effortless and enjoyable moonshining! Boasting top-notch features and parts, this kit will help you create remarkable moonshine with total assurance.


Copper Mesh

Experience high-quality copper mesh for better-tasting moonshine! Our Ultimate Shinin' Bundle features 10 meters of 4 inch-wide mesh that will make your moonshine shine.

With the unbeatable value it offers, you can upgrade your moonshine game without breaking the bank. Make your next batch stand out with The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle!

How to Make Moonshine E-Book

Discover the secrets to making delicious moonshine! With The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle, you'll get a comprehensive e-book full of step-by-step instructions, distillation guides, exciting recipes, and invaluable tips from the pros. Embark on your moonshining journey – get The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle now!

Amylase For Moonshine

The Ultimate Shinin' Bundle gives you the most out of each mash so you can get the best moonshine every time. Our amazing amylase comes in a resealable pouch that's good for up to 30 gallons--so you get more shine for your money! Get great results without having to add malted grains - and start distilling your own moonshine today!


Activated Carbon


Transform your spirits into something special with our 500g of premium Activated Carbon. Crafted from coconut shells, this filter will extract unwanted flavors and odors, creating a smooth, pristine drink to enjoy. Experience the distillery life with the convenience of your own home! Dependable and cost-effective, our Activated Carbon is the perfect solution for a superior sipping experience.

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