Amazing Apple Brandy Recipe

Apple Brandy Recipe - HowtoMoonshine

Enjoy this amazing apple brandy recipe for the taste of fall apples all year long. 


Ah, apple pie. An American staple. Grandma’s favorite. You know it, and so do I. 

Everyone has a fond memory of this warm, delicious treat, so why not make it alcoholic?



While apple pie is a symbol of American national pride and prosperity, it’s also one of the most celebrated flavors of moonshine out there, and for good reason.


One of the best things about apple brandy or apple flavoured moonshine is that it can be enjoyed warm and spiced in the long winter months, or over ice in the summer as a refreshing, fruity cocktail. 


With fall right around the corner and apples ripe for the picking, I wanted to share my favourite Apple Brandy Recipe — it tastes just like apple pie! 




The key to this recipe is actually to not use any apples at all. Using equal parts apple cider and apple juice gives it that delicious and smooth fall taste — and makes it that much easier!


However, for the fullest flavour, I recommend checking out a local farmers market or orchard for fresh cider, juice and spices.  


Be sure to make this recipe a few weeks before you plan to consume it. It needs time to sit and soak up all of the spicy and flavoury goodness. 


Expert Tips for Apple Brandy


  • Use a very large stock pot or crock pot to make this apple pie moonshine flavoured recipe. I sometimes even use two and evenly divide the ingredients between them. 

  • You can use any size canning jars, but I prefer classic mason jars to store and tightly seal this fall seat. 

  • Before sealing the mason jars, place a new cinnamon stick in each jar. 

  • Store the jars in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks before consuming. 


The Right Equipment Makes all the Difference


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While apple flavoured moonshine is one of the most classic and celebrated moonshine flavours, there are many other fun flavours you can try with your homemade moonshine. 


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