The Best Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe -without using Everclear 190!

The Best Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe -without using Everclear 190!

Did you know you can make your own apple pie moonshine without using Everclear 190? Read on to learn how you can make these spirits from scratch in the comforts of your own home.


Have you ever wanted to make your own moonshine? While many may think this is a hobby that only occurs in the backwoods of the Appalachians, the truth is making moonshine is a skill that has never really disappeared from the American home. In fact, making moonshine has been steadily rising in popularity.






Much of this rise in popularity is likely due to the recent Discovery Channel hit Moonshiners as well as the availability of many popular recipes online. Not only are recipes easily available, but equipment for making moonshine is affordable, compact, and easy to use.


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Everclear 190 vs Moonshine





While many recipes offer Everclear as an alternative for moonshine, this expensive grain alcohol is no substitution for producing the real thing.


Making moonshine at home is easy, fun and rewarding. Modern moonshining equipment is simple to use and makes quality shine for a fraction of the price of Everclear 190.


While Everclear has many things in common with moonshine, there are also some marked differences. Both moonshine and Everclear are spirits that have high proof of alcohol.


Everclear is a neutral spirit, that is, a twice-distilled ethanol derived from fermenting grain and offered at different proofs of about 190 proof, 95% alcohol by volume (ABV). As of today, Everclear is believed to be the most potent alcohol on earth.


Moonshine is usually derived from fermenting corn and is also a high proof alcohol. When made properly, moonshine is usually about 150 proof, about 75% ABV.


By comparison, most vodka is 40% to 60%, or 80 to 120-proof. Everclear is not marketed as a liquor to be consumed straight, instead it is normally used as an additive in cocktails or diluted so it is not as potent. The same can be said for moonshine.


Is Everclear Illegal?




Another common thread between these two spirits is the fact that moonshine is not legal to make, buy or sell. While Everclear is available for sale in some areas, it is also illegal in others.


In the United States Everclear is not legal to be sold in California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Minnesota.


The reason for this is likely because both moonshine and Everclear have such high ABV people could accidentally overindulge. This is because it takes a far smaller volume of moonshine or Everclear to both make the individual intoxicated and give them alcohol poisoning.


While many worry about trace amounts of methanol in their moonshine, arguably a much bigger concern would be alcohol poisoning. Of course, since Everclear contains even a higher proof of alcohol, this is an even bigger concern with Everclear.


Everclear can be dangerous to ingest because it is designed to be flavorless. This is done through a multiple distillation process which is used to remove any traces of flavor and signs on the original grain used to produce the spirit.


Everclear is often used as a spirit to mix with other types of spirits such as liqueurs, brandy, whiskey, or in mixed drinks. Everclear is often added to cocktails to punch up the alcohol volume and give the drink a real kick. This is a great option.


However, many are now choosing to instead produce their own quality moonshine at home to easily add to their cocktails.


How do you Make Moonshine?




At How to Make Moonshine we often say that making moonshine is similar to performing a 10th grade science project. You need to pay attention to ingredients, temperatures and time frames. While this is a precise process, it is also a relatively simple one.


Step 1-Making a Mash

Making moonshine is a three step process. You first have to cook a mash. This process involves turning starches into fermentable sugars and add yeast to the mix. Yeast is an important part of this process because yeast is instrumental in turning your fermentable sugar into alcohol.


Step 2-Fermentation 

This process is completed during the second part of making moonshine which is called fermentation. Fermentation takes between a week to 14 days depending on the amount of sugar in your mash as well as the type of yeast used. During this process the yeast will convert the fermentable sugars into alcohol.


Step 3-Distillation

The third part of making moonshine is distilling. This is the process when the mash is heated up and the alcohol evaporates and is condensed back into a liquid. Distilling the mash into alcohol may seem like a tricky job, but it can actually be a quite simple process if you know what you are doing. This is why with every still sold How to Moonshine sends out a complete guide to help you along your moonshining journey.


We offer step by step instructions to answer any questions you may have along the way and give you advice on the best tools to help make the job easier.




Just like many other processes in life, making moonshine can be made much simpler if you have the right equipment for the job. Purchasing a quality still is a great way to ensure that all your hard work results in a quality spirit.


In addition, How to Moonshine has extensive guides to help you along your journey. Whether you are a first time moonshiner looking for the perfect kit or a seasoned shiner who wants to find quality equipment, we always have you covered.


The Right Equipment for the Job





Take our Moonshine Cherry, for example. This affordable air still requires no water to operate and is about as complicated as operating the kitchen kettle. Speaking of kettles, it will take about the same amount of room as the average kettle in your kitchen. However, its output is a lot more fun than boiled water.


Moonshine does not require complicated ingredients. In fact, you can make a simple shine using nothing more than just sugar and yeast. Check out our sugar shine recipe to see how easy it is to make your own quality spirits at home.


Get your Moonshine Cherry. 


By making your own quality moonshine at home you are able to enjoy quality spirits that you have manufactured in the comfort of your own home. Homemade moonshine is a great base for many party cocktails, punches and also makes a great gift for family and friends.

Always Remember to Sip with Caution



With this being said, of course it is important to remember that this recipe, like any cocktail made with moonshine, tastes delicious and has a kick. When your drink doesn’t taste as potent as it really is the effects of moonshine can sneak up on you fast. Sip slowly and with caution and of course, warn any friends and family you plan to share with.


Apple pie moonshine is both sweet and strong with the comforting taste of a classic favorite. This delicious cocktail tastes better with time and makes a perfect gift. Just be sure to clearly mark this delicious spirit as moonshine so the recipient knows to sip with caution!

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