Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite
Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite
Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite
Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite
Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite

Whiskey Stones Made of Shungite

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Keep your drinks cool without diluting the taste with our shungite whiskey stones. 

When you put the time and effort into making your own shine you don’t want to see your hard work diluted down by ice. Instead, try our shungite whiskey stones!

Our shungite stones are made from pure shungite, an ancient stone that has been used for centuries for its ability to purify water and encourage good health.


Shungite is great at keeping your drink cold and it won’t dilute the taste like water. Plus these rocks are reusable, easy to store, and are an attractive addition to any glass. 


Which Stones Are Better for Whiskey? 

Traditionally whiskey stones are made of soapstone which is a natural non-porous stone. While these are perfectly adequate for keeping your drink cool, they do not offer the additional benefits of shungite. 


When using whiskey stones made of shungite, you are able to take advantage of shungite’s unique combination of stress-relieving and detoxifying properties. This can truly elevate your drinking experience. 


Shungite is also able to help you savor the flavor of your moonshine. Whiskey stones made out of shungite are a great way to indulge in the smooth and balanced flavor of your whiskey without any of the harshness that can often come with alcohol. 

Shungite keeps your drink perfectly chilled while also absorbing some of your moonshine’s bite to allow you to enjoy its unique flavor. 

Are Whisky Stones effective?

Shungite whiskey stones are incredibly effective at enhancing your drinking experience. Not only do they keep your drink at a perfect temperature, but they are also able to offer the unique abilities of shungite to elevate your drink.


In addition to their effectiveness, shungite whiskey stones are also extremely simple to store and use. Just pop the stones into your freezer until they reach your desired temperature and then add them to a glass of your favorite beverage. 


Shungite whiskey stones are a great option to enhance both your drink and your health. Shungite is known for its healing and protective properties.

Many health conscious people will add shungite to their water to experience its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.


Shungite can also purify water and remove any contaminants. Centuries ago royalty would bathe in shungite for its health effects. 


Shungite stones can also be used over and over again making them an economical addition to your favorite cocktail. 

So whether you want to improve your health or improve your moonshine, these special rocks can help you make the most out of any drinking experience.


How Many Whiskey Stones Should I Use? 

Chill and infuse your drink with the health benefits of shungite by placing three or four stones in the bottom of your glass. The stones will keep your drink at the desired temperature, and impart a range of potential health benefits.

Do You Wash Whiskey Stones? 


Keep your favorite whiskey cool without diluting it with Whiskey Stones made of shungite. Easily rinse them off and place them in direct sunlight for 24 hours to charge, so you can enjoy your drinks for up to 30 days.


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