Knowing the various steps on how to moonshine is essential so that you can have the best knowledge on how to make moonshine starting from the wash. Basically, there are two types of wash such as the sugar wash and grain wash. In this article, you will learn more about using sugar wash as the base for your moonshine. Practically, using sugar wash is the best way to start with learning moonshine most especially if you just bought or created your still. This is also perfect for beginners who have never tried this process before. The best thing about sugar washes is that it is very easy to prepare. Plus, it offers great outcomes even among new moonshiners. Also, it provides you the opportunity to make a trial of your still and see at what vapour temperatures you will produce the various compounds that your wash holds.

You may have read of numerous guides on how to moonshine and you noticed that spirits are actually divided into two such as sugar based washes and grain based washes. Sugar based washes are commonly used by novice moonshiners and these contain ingredients such as raw sugar, white sugar, molasses, dextrose and fruit juices. Other kinds of ingredients that contain sugar and can be directly fermented are also used. On the other hand, grain based washes contain ingredients such as rye, barley, wheat, corn and other malted grains. These grains contain a great amount of starch that can be converted to sugars by releasing enzymes responsible for conversion. This is accomplished through malting.

Having a rough idea of the two categories can make things clearer to beginners. In short, there are things that can be subjected to fermentation instantly and there are also things that require mashing first. This simple guide can be great aid from aspiring moonshiners. Learning the key ingredients first as well as the processes involved in making moonshine is a good way to start.

So, if you want to come up with your sugar wash, you will have to mix in 8 kilograms of white or raw sugar with 25 liters of plain water. After which, good quality yeast such as turbo yeast can be added to initiate the fermentation process. The fermentation process using sugar wash usually takes seven days. The outcome will be a neutral spirit that can be combined with essences or consumed plainly as vodka. Following this process can produce about 10-12 liters of finished product.

If you are interested in making rum, you can follow the moonshine recipe of combining 4 kg of raw sugar and 3 liter of molasses added with turbo or rum yeast. This alternative method of creating rum as another sugar based wash lets you understand how you can make cuts in the distillation process.