Homemade Pear Moonshine Recipe

Homemade Pear Moonshine Recipe

Are you ready for a crisp and delicious moonshine recipe that will be a delightful addition to any home bar? Or perhaps you are bored of your usual recipes and want a new taste and a new challenge to add to your repertoire? Either way, our homemade pear moonshine recipe is a must try! 

When many think of fruit mash, the obvious choices often come to mind: apples, peaches and even berries. 

However often overlooked, pears are a great addition to that list! With a fragrant and bright taste, making pear moonshine is a great tool in every moonshiner’s toolbox. They are fairly simple to work with and there are several different methods available to achieve your desired outcome. 

Can I Put Fruit in my Moonshine?



The short answer is yes. The long answer is hell yes. There are two ways to use fruit in your moonshine. The first and most traditional method is to ferment and distill fruit into wine or spirits. 

This method varies depending on whether you want to use yeast in your recipe or not (many fruits have natural wild yeast present). In general, the fruit needs to be mashed to release its sugar and then ferment with or without additional water and sugar. 

This method produces a subtle fruity flavor for your shine. Many seasoned shiners swear by their fruit mash recipes and love how they can enjoy seasonal flavors all year long. 


With this method of making a fruit mash your best bet is to make friends with a farmer, produce manager, or to simply get yourself some fruit trees. Since you are looking for overripe fruit, you can often get a good deal with a local farmer or produce manager as this is not produce they can actually sell. 



Of course, you can always just go all in and get yourself some fruit trees. If you want to really commit, this is a good way to ensure you will have fruit for shinin'. 

When it comes to making a fruit mash, you need a lot of fruit. Most recipes require quite a lot of fruit (some as many as 25 lbs). So finding a way to get your fruit cheaper than retail price will save you quite a bit of money. 

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Flavoring your Moonshine with Fruit




If you are looking for a sweet sip with fruit flavor, you can simply flavor your moonshine with fruit. 

This is a simple way to repurpose the moonshine you already have into something new. In fact, using a simple syrup and real fruit you can take a single run of moonshine and turn it into many of your favorite specialty spirits for a fraction of the price. 


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How to Flavor your Moonshine with Pears



Infusing flavor into your moonshine with fruit is an easy way to add flavor to your favorite spirit. To add pear flavoring to your moonshine you just need to complete a few simple steps and be willing to have a little patience. 

Ingredients for Pear Moonshine

2 cups of pear cored with seeds removed

2 TBSP of sugar 

1 quart of Moonshine 

Wash and prepare your pears removing the core and seeds. Place the pears into a quart-sized mason jar. Add the sugar and fill to the top with moonshine. Allow to infuse for about two weeks or until you reach your desired flavor. Strain out the solids and enjoy! 

Should You Add Sugar to Fruit Mash?




When making moonshine there is always a delicate balance with finding the right balance between sugar and ABV. 

Too little sugar and you run the risk of getting a low Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and too much sugar and you can run the risk of overpowering the taste of your fruit in your final product. 

The best way to determine what works best for your tastes is a simple matter of trial and error. By not adding sugar you may get a smaller yield but a better taste. Whether that difference in taste is significant enough to sacrifice yield will be up to you! 

What Alcohol is Made From Pears?




Fermented pears can be made into a spirit called ‘perry’ which is similar to the ciders made from apples. This drink is common in parts of England and these pears for this type of drink are the Barland, Brandy, Thorn, and Yellow Huffcap cultivars.

Good perry pears should have higher concentrations of tannins, acids, and other phenolic compounds. Typically if a pear is good for making perry, it is not good for desserts. 

Of course, we can also make moonshine from pears. The difference between moonshine and perry lies in the fermentation and distillation process. Perry has two fermentation periods and no distillation. Pear moonshine has a single fermentation period and one or more distillations. 

How to Prepare Pears for Moonshine



The way you prepare your pears for your moonshine mash depends on whether you want to use commercial yeast, or rely on natural yeast for fermentation. 

Natural yeast is present on many fruits but this means that you cannot wash your pears as you will wash the natural yeast away. Instead you can gently remove any visible mud or dirt with a paper towel and leave as much of the skin undisturbed as possible. 

If you plan on using commercial yeast, you can prepare your fruit by washing, coring and removing the seeds. 

It is important to use very ripe pears. You should be able to easily mash them by hand. Some moonshiners will use fruit presses to prepare their mash. Others choose to use other methods to process their pears such as makeshift grinders or food processors using drills and specialty attachments 

The Best Equipment for Making Pear Moonshine





Making pear moonshine is a large investment of both time and money. It is important to only trust your pear moonshine mash to a quality craft still. 

Our Magnum All-in-One Copper Coil Stove Top Kit is a great option for those who are committed to quality results every time.



The Magnum lives up to its name with a large 50L capacity, copper coils for superior taste and a double vapor chamber for a higher ABV with less runs. 

Not only does the Magnum have great features, it is also a smart design. The Magnum is both a still and a fermentor, so you are able to get more for your money, with less to store. 

Are you ready to get your shine on? Take a closer look at the Magnum!